Why Buy a Graefe Designs™

Let's start with who is actually building these things. Bottom line... MUSICIANS! Ok, granted you may not know them for their musicianship but the fact is, you do know them from listening to damn near every song you've ever heard. They care about what things should sound like MUSICALLY because they have been designing World Class Gear and playing their whole lives!

The premise was to build the best amp available that will not only make your guitar sing, but inspire you, the amp owner, once again to make music.

Graefe Designs TruTone™ Amps have similar features to other amps both commercial and boutique. However, what makes the Graefe Designs' TruTones™ stand out above the rest is not only it's well thought out components and signal path, but the implementation of STUDIO GRADE QUALITY RESTRICTIONS.


And if anyone knows what not to put inside an amp it would be Tom Graefe and Gary Phillips (read the bios). Remember these two guys designed and built most of the world's World Class Consoles.

Highest quality components, highest quality sound.








Now, for you players below is a short list of the pleasures of owning a Graefe Designs™:

  • Dynamics: Designed to allow a full and wide expression of dynamic range from YOUR GUITAR. CLEAN TO CRUNCH AND BACK AGAIN ALL FROM YOUR GUITAR'S VOLUME KNOB.
  • Bass Extender: This little baby does wonders. It helps to tailor the Graefe Designs™ ability to enhance the bottom end response for a particular musical style and or stage setting. (I would go into the specifics behind it's implementation but I have been sworn to secrecy or death.)
  • Effects Loop: Post Drive/Gain, Tube Driven to prevent tone loss, Series or Parallel (switchable). This is one of thee most transparent Effects Loops ever. So much so, you may now have to look into better built effects.

Below is a brief list for whom it matters of what's under the hood of each of these babies:

  • 35 years and a day experience in sound design.

  • All Tube 50 Watt design with 2 EL34's
  • 3 12AX7's
  • Switchable output 4/8/16 ohms
  • All Tube effects loop
  • CNC machined G10 Epoxy Turret Boards

  • 1% Metal Film Resistors, 500V

  • MKT1813 ERO caps

  • Low ESR 105 degree C, filter caps

  • Teflon Silver 600V wire

  • Low Microphonic, Hand Selected, tubes

  • LASER cut 0.090” aluminum chassis

  • Pont to Point Hand Wiring

  • Hand built in the USA

  • Solid walnut cabinets with Dovetail joints, all design work done on CAD with 0.001” tolerances

  • Years of listening to bad amps

  • And a Whole Lotta Love!