The Graefe Designs ™ Prototype

This is the amp that started it all. Made solely as a "one off" for the designer himself, Tom was just looking to improve the sound of today's guitar amp.

Well it didn't take long for the proverbial "cat" to get out of the bag. Unfortunately this unit was lost on the way back to Tom's shop after the writer of this article gave the amp a spin. (eh hem...I hope it was insured.)


Shortly after finishing the unit he made the unfortunate decision to send out this email to a few good friends:

"Dewd, This is Tom Graefe. I designed a new Guitar amp. Could you help me evaluate it?"

He didn't even have to say please. Well, that was it... retirement is over. The orders soon started pouring in after the well known evaluators were done evaluating and spreading rumors.

Next thing you know...

The Graefe Designs™ Combo

This is our TruTone™ Hand Finished Studio Model. Not that you can't take it on the road as it comes with it's own flight case*.

...and there was much rejoicing!

*Flight case is an extra option as they are custom built.

This sexy little beauty also comes in a road worthy body for those of you who are playing in the trenches. (Ask for available colors.)

But hold on! There's more...

So some heavy hitters found out about Tom's little beauty. And although they could appreciate the true tone from this Graefe Designs Combo, they preferred to hear that SWEET TONE through a 4x12 Cabinet, And next thing you know the requests started coming in for a Graefe Designs™ Head.

Well, far be it for a man like Tom to deny his friends. Especially when they're paying... happily, that is. So...

The Graefe Designs "TruTONE™ Head.

Now of course what you are seeing is one of our Hand Finished Walnut enclosures. A special request by the customer. Of course we sell custom flight cases for these, but we feel, these particular Hand Finished models, are for that studio or session player whom are looking for a "GoTo Amp" for near any sound required. But there's good news... you can get one too! IN STOCK

Of course we sell units that feature 3/4" Birch Ply cabinet with a specially selected indestructible covering.


OOOOH YEAH! This bad boy through your favorite cab will absolutely make you grin! Of course Graefe Designs™ have our own cabinet designs in a 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 design. Our cabinets are built to order. See our new 4X10 Bass cabinet and 15" ported cabinet in the User Gallery.

Graefe TruTone™ Front Panel