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Graefe Designs is proud to use WGS Speakers in all our custom cabinets.

WGS Speakers



These fine establishments use Graefe Designs' products.


 DogManic Recording Studios

Dogmanic Prodctions


 Chromatic Music Production Institute

Chromatic Music Studios


Alpaca Ranch Recording

Alpaca Ranch Studios


 Advanced Audio Microphones

Advanced Audio Microphones introduces the CM12 LE. A microphone developed in conjunction with Tom Graefe.

TheCM12le features a C12 type capsule, 6072 tube.  Variable patterns, U47 type head basket for open sound. U67 type body with Vintage modern switch and a -10 dB pad. The CM12le is smooth as silk on the top end and yet has a huge bottom end.  Amazing for Drum room mics or overheads.  Perfect for Female vocals of Tenor male vocals.  Also nice on Acoustic guitar and percussion. Continuously variable pattern from Figure 8 to omni.


Noise Floor 9 Productions