Tom Graefe: Engineer, Producer & Founder of Graefe Designs

Tom Graefe was a 20 year MCI/Sony Pro Audio veteran – Manager of Console Design, Co-Founder of Ft. Lauderdale's Musicians Exchange Music Complex & Soundshine Productions Recording Studios.
Honestly there isn't enough room on this site to list Tom's credentials, accolades, patents and clients. He's an Ol' School (Top of the Class that is) type of guy with incredible intelligence and incredible ears.

His work literally changed the standards by which most, if not all, software based plugins emulating "Industry Standard Consoles" strive to capture.

Engineering credits include Juvenile, Dizzy Gillespie, Mark Radice, Randy Bernsen, Jaco Pastorius, Spirit, McCoy Tyner, Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, Frank Cornelius, Carter (Gideon) Cornelius, Elliott Randall, Rocco Prestia, Tommy Byrnes, Liberty DeVito, Mel Morely, David Hall, Rick Bauer, John Mayall, Crystal Taliefero, Jason Sterling, Mikey Spice, Dennis Sindrey... and more

All great songs seem to have great producers and engineers behind them. But when the producers, engineers and others in the elite world of recording have questions... they call Tom.

Why, you ask?

It's simple, Tom is, hands down, one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to anything and everything audio. We won't go into his non-musical related studies, but lets just say, he could save the world.

Thankfully, he has chosen to raise the bar in guitar amplification higher than it's ever been. The Graefe Designs™ Guitar amp will be the standard for where all amps should start. Highest quality, STUDIO GRADE COMPONENTS, hand wired with LOVE!



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