"Hand Built Guitar Amps for the Tonal Purist."

Once in a blue moon a new guitar amp comes along that turns a few of the heads of some of the world’s top guitarists. We call these Boutique Amps. However, many if not all of these hand built amps suffer from many of the same issues. Some are “Over Modded” and some, although great sounding, leave "something" to be desired.

Well if you are a true "Tonal Purist" in your quest for the ULTIMATE TRUTH IN TONE, then your quest shouldn’t take you much longer to fulfill...

Presenting from the mind of one of the world's most notable audio design engineers, Tom Graefe, to reality... Graefe Designs™.
"The Holy Grail of Guitar Amps!"

An amp so pure in tone it will make you cry. Every guitar's unique voice will shine through as if the amp was made for it. Well, in fact it was. Your Les Paul actually sounds like a Les Paul, your Telecaster like a Telecaster and so on and so forth. No "Presets" just pure Knobulated Tones! There is an all TUBE Effects Loop for you pedal heads, so don't worry. Throw one or two of your favorite gain or distortion/overdrive pedals in the front, and of course your time-based effects in the Effects Loop... we are talking Guitartone Heaven!


A few points to consider...


  • Designed by "thee guy" behind the big guys who built some of the audio world's finest consoles and processors!

  • Graefe Designs™ is HAND BUILT with "HIGHEST QUALITY STUDIO GRADE COMPONENTS" and not the cheapest "let's save a buck" stuff.

  • EVERY TONAL DETAIL is critically thought out from the solder type to the wire and ultimately the signal path.


  • Every Graefe Designs™ combo amp gets a hand selected 12" Speaker from WGS! (VISIT PAGE HERE)

  • Damn near lifetime warranty. (See details)